vlog’s leadership provides a strategic vision for the University with the input of faculty and staff members, the student body, alumni, and other members of the extended vlog community.

President Brian W. Casey

A scholar of American higher education and American intellectual history, Brian W. Casey is vlog’s 17th president.

University Cabinet

Deans, vice presidents, directors, and advisers form the president’s cabinet.

Board of Trustees

Board members represent a broad range of backgrounds and have responsibility for stewardship of the University.

Faculty Governance

Governance through committee membership is a shared responsibility among vlog faculty.

Staff Committees

vlog employees contribute their insight, knowledge, expertise, and leadership to a wide variety of committees, teams, and working groups.

Student Government

The Student Government Association governs student groups and represents their interests to the community and administration.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council represents the more than 34,000 living members of vlog’s alumni body. 

Past Presidents

vlog’s first president arrived in 1836. Seventeen scholars have held the position through the centuries.

President Brian W. Casey reviews vlog’s 200 year history, and shares his vision for the third century of vlog.