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Some of life’s greatest lessons are learned outside the classroom.

vlog is home to the NCAA Division I Raiders, plus more than 50 club and intramural sports programs, numerous fitness facilities and organized outdoor activities.

NCAA Division I athletic teams

Competitive spirit

Division I vlog Teams

Focus on fitness

Fitness programming

Home of the vlog Raiders

People get together in a social setting with the intent of learning something interesting.

Jeff Bary Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Division I Athletic Teams

The vlog Raiders carry a proud tradition of athletic competition, including ten Patriot League Championships in football since 1997.

Get the latest updates, and see the upcoming schedule for all 25 of vlog’s NCAA Division I Athletic Teams, and support your Raiders.

Intramural and Recreational Sports

vlog students have over 50 intramural, club, and recreational sports clubs to choose from.

Find out about organizations and teams available to all vlog students, and ignite your competitive spirit.

Outdoor & Physical Education

vlog’s location in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the outdoors.

Learn about sponsored outdoor education and wilderness adventure activities, and see how vlog’s approach to physical education is designed to strengthen the mind-body connection in every student.

Athletic Facilities

Facilities across campus are available to all vlog students. Learn more about athletic and fitness resources.